I have an interview but I need to reschedule. How can I change it?

by Irène

Hey! Exciting news to get an interview. 🎉 Great work 🎉 But sometimes things come up. If you’re looking to reschedule, cancel or get in touch with the employer, we’re here to help.

  • Head over to your inbox and search for the “interview scheduled” email sent by HigherMe.
  • Click the reschedule button at the bottom of the email to be taken to HigherMe to view your interview information. When clicking that button, your interview is automatically canceled.
  • Pick and confirm a new time slot, if available, and submit. 
    • If there are no available time slots listed, or if you want to request a different time that is not listed, contact the employer to find a time that works best.
  • If you need to cancel the interview, you can do so from the bottom of your email as well

To contact the employer click the hyperlink underneath their profile picture. This will generate a new email so you can quickly and easily connect with them.

Once your interview is all set, feel free to add it to your calendar so you can easily be reminded before the event. You’ll also receive both text messages and emails leading up to the interview to confirm the interview and remind you.

Note: If the employer has canceled an interview, unfortunately, it can’t be rescheduled unless the employer decides otherwise and invites you for a new interview.

You’re gonna do great! Good luck. `