Rescheduling your interview

by Irène

Congratulations on getting an interview! 🎉  Sometimes things come up. If you’re looking to reschedule, cancel, or get in touch with the employer, we’re here to help.

  1. Open your email inbox and search for your "interview scheduled" email sent by HigherMe.
  2. You should see Reschedule and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the email.
    • Clicking the Reschedule button will cancel your existing time slot and take you to HigherMe's interview scheduling tool where you can select a new time. If there are no available time slots listed, contact the employer directly to find a new time.
    • Clicking the Cancel button will cancel your interview entirely.
  3. In that same email, you should see a profile picture and the employer's name. Below the picture, you'll see a link to contact the employer directly if needed.
Note: Unfortunately, if the employer has canceled your interview, it can’t be rescheduled unless the employer decides otherwise.

You’re gonna do great! Good luck. 

Still have questions? Email HigherMe Support at for further assistance.