Will I receive a notification if the employer has reviewed my application?

by Derek Williamson

"When will I hear back?", "What is the status of my application?", and "Can I get an update on my application?" are questions that are asked very often, so here is the answer!

If the employer has made a change in the status of your application, you will receive an email and/or text message notification letting you know. You will not be notified when they view your application however.  You can also view the status of any of your applications by signing in to your account, and viewing the Applications menu tab

However, please note: Employers do not always update our system with application status changes, or schedule their interviews. This means that unfortunately you won't always be able to see whether you've been selected for future steps in the hiring process. When on the job hunt, make sure to check your email often, and have your phone on you in case an employer wants to speak with you directly!