What is Text-to-Apply?

by Shelby Burke

Text-to-Apply gives job seekers in your community a way to start applying to your jobs faster, right from their phones! You’ll attract local candidates who are 8x more likely to be hired.

Our customer experience team designs a custom poster for your business using your brand’s images and logos. We provide you with a phone number local to your area, a keyword of your choosing, and a QR code with a link to your HigherMe careers page.

By texting the local phone number and connected keyword, or scanning the QR code, candidates are redirected to a link to your careers page where they can view any open positions. From there, the job seeker can start their application!


We recommend placing materials on your store's front windows and by your cash registers. You might also want to put stickers on every to-go order! Employers have also successfully advertised their Text-to-Apply information on road signs, delivery vehicles, and social media pages!

Your poster can be found under the Text-to-Apply tab in your account. You can view or download the image to send to our partner printing service, ClientRocket. HigherMe users get exclusive rates on printing with ClientRocket. Easily choose your designs, order online, and your print materials are delivered straight to your door!