Talent Pool: Finding Top Talent 🕵️

by Shelby Burke

Talent Pool is a robust database of active job seekers looking for their next opportunity and waiting for YOU to reach out!

User our FILTER to help narrow down your search. 


  • Past Experience: Looking for someone with a specific set of skills? Enter the job title here to filter based on that
    • example: Crew, Manager, Cashier, Cook
  • Past Company: Want someone who has worked in your organization before? Enter the company name
    • example: Dunkin' Donuts, McDonalds
  • Last Active: Best used to determine when someone was last actively looking.
    • As a best practice, we suggest leaving this set to Past month.
  • Distance from Location: Expand your search radius to bring in more potential applicants.
    • Use the Remote Search option if your job does not require candidates to be near your location.
  • Status: Use this drop-down list to see candidates in various stages of being invited to your job:
    • Candidate - These people have not been invited to apply to your jobs yet. 
    • Contacted - These people have been invited to apply to your jobs, but haven't responded yet. 
    • Skipped - These are people you skipped because you were not interested in inviting them to apply to your jobs. You can Restore these candidates back to Candidate status if you changed your mind. 
    • Declined - These are people that declined to apply to your opportunities. 

Utilize these filters to help you sort through our Talent Pool to find your next rockstar!

Once ready, you can CONTACT the applicant. Each time you elect to contact a potential candidate, a CREDIT is used.


NOTE: If you help recruit for multiple locations on HigherMe, make sure that the location is set properly at the top of your page so that you're seeing the local talent for your jobs: