Talent Pool

by Irène
Talent Pool is a legacy feature of HigherMe. To learn more about our newer talent discovery feature, HigherMe Reach, click here! ✨ Similar to Talent Pool, HigherMe Reach allows you to invite qualified applicants in your area to apply to your job. The guide below is meant to help existing Talent Pool users understand and leverage the tool, but we encourage you to check out HigherMe Reach!

Get started

1. First, filter your results to help narrow down your search. You can filter by past experience, past company, last activity on HigherMe, distance from your location, and status.

Talent Pool statuses, explained:

  • Candidate - These people have not been invited to apply to your job yet.

  • Contacted - These people have been invited to apply to your job, but haven't responded yet.

  • Skipped - These are people you skipped because you were not interested in inviting them to apply to your jobs. You can Restore these candidates back to default Candidate status if you change your mind.

  • Declined - These are people that declined to apply to your job.

2. Once you've found a potential applicant you like, Contact them.

3. Select the role you'd like to invite them to and provide any comments.

4. Go ahead and click Contact again to confirm your selection. The candidate will be notified of your request via email and text message (if enabled).

5. If the candidate confirms interest in your job, they will appear on your Applications page with their source listed as talent_pool. Want to move forward? Invite them to an interview!


If Talent Pool is included in your HigherMe subscription, you will receive a set number of credits each month. This helps limit the number of requests that candidate receives, improving the chances that they will be interested in your position!

Each time you contact a potential applicant, it uses 1 credit. At the end of your billing cycle, your credits automatically refresh.