Application statuses

by Irène

Application statuses are the easiest way to track applicants through the hiring process. Quickly mark where each of your candidates is in the hiring journey and update it as they move forward! Then, filter your Applications page by status to easily find an application or identify which applications need action.

Did you know that actively using application statuses on HigherMe greatly boosts your chances of earning a Responsive employer badge on Indeed? Thanks to our partnership with Indeed, you can give your jobs that extra edge ✨ simply by updating the status of at least 50% of your applications on HigherMe.

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Using these statuses also helps you get the most out of our in-house application tracking and reporting tools. Plus, it gives applicants a great user experience, since they can easily check how their application performed and view any next steps without having to contact you or HigherMe Support for an update! 💪

Core statuses:

HigherMe has seven basic application statuses. Each status indicates a different stage of the hiring process:

  • New - This application has not yet been reviewed. This is the default status.
  • Contacted - An application is automatically marked as "Contacted" when the applicant is invited to interview. You can also set this status manually.
  • Rejected - A manager has decided this applicant is not currently a good fit for the position. When you reject an application, you can decide whether or not to inform the candidate by email.
  • Interviewed - An application is automatically marked as "Interviewed" when a manager confirms that the applicant was present at their interview. You can also set this status manually.
  • Hired - Amazing! You've found a superstar employee.
  • Future candidate - Interested in an application but not ready to move forward at this time? Use this status to save an application for future consideration.
  • Archived - Applications are automatically archived every 180 days, after which point they live in the Archived tab of your Applications page. You can also archive applications manually. Learn more here!

Other statuses:

Depending on which HigherMe features you use, you may also see these statuses listed:

  • Pending onboarding - If you subscribe to our Onboarding feature, you will see this option in your application status menu. Select "Pending onboarding" to kick off the candidate's onboarding process.
  • Auto-rejected - If your jobs contain knockout questions, you'll see that some of your applications may have "Auto-rejected" status. You cannot set this status manually, but you can use it to filter results on your Applications page. This status is considered as "Rejected" for all reporting purposes.

Happy hiring! ✨