Best Practices: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Success!

by Shelby Burke

Starting your hiring process with a new company can feel overwhelming, so we’re here to guide you to our best practices for success.

Here are the top 5 features that have been designed to save you time and find the best candidates for your jobs:

  1. Use FitScore to guide you when reviewing applications to find applicants that are the best fit for the role. 
  2. Application Statuses help keep track of where each applicant is in the hiring process. Applicants often apply to multiple jobs at the same time and are likely to move forward with a company that responds quickly. Make it a habit to log in for 20 minutes each day and clear your APPLICATIONS page either by setting the applicant up with an interview or marking their status as something else.
  3. Navigate to your Interview Scheduling page to make sure that your availability is up to date. Applicants are always given your most up-to-date availability, so check this page regularly to make sure it is aligned with your schedule. This is especially important if you only know your availability a day or two out. This tool automates reminders to applicants and hiring managers to reduce interview no-shows.
  4. Head over to your JOBS page to make sure the jobs you are actively hiring for are turned on. Turning on too many jobs that you are not hiring for can dilute your visibility on Indeed. Setting a job to passive after a role is filled is a great way to continue receiving applicants passively. Doing this can allow you to make a quick hiring decision in a pinch. You may also use your company's URL link. Post this link on your store's social media page as well as your own to let your followers know you're hiring.
  5. Make sure you print and hang your Text To Apply poster in your store and neighborhood to give people quick and easy access to your job opportunities. Connect with your local printer or our printing service, ClientRocket, to order window clings, banners, stickers, or A-Frames. Having these posters readily available helps to increase the likelihood of new applicants. Train your staff on how to utilize these posters as well for when restaurant-goers are curious about them.

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