I received an email about an interview - how do I pick a time and date?

by Irène

🎊 Congratulations! 🎊 The employer would like to meet with you!

Firstly, no need to reply to this email. HigherMe has a built-in scheduling tool that allows you to schedule an interview right from your email!

Read over the email to review all of the important information like any message from the employer, the position, the location of the interview, or if it will be a phone interview.

  • Select SET UP AN INTERVIEW from within the email to pick a time and date


  • Select the time that works best and submit. Once your interview time is booked, you will receive an interview scheduled email. Refer back to that email if you need to reschedule, cancel, or contact the employer.

You can also pick a time to interview via Text Message or in HigherMe

  • From the text notification, follow the link contained in the message.
  • Sign In to your HigherMe account from your phone or computer. Select My Applications, and click on the application that is marked as 'Contacted'. 

If the interview scheduling page offers availability that does not work for you or you need to suggest a different time than what is listed, contact the hiring manager directly from your interview scheduled email under their profile picture - e.g. 'Contact Michael'. 


After selecting an interview time, you will also receive a reminder email from HigherMe the day before the interview asking you to confirm that you are still able to attend. Remember to confirm your interview so the employer knows you'll be there!

If you are not interested in an interview, let the employer know by clicking the hyperlink in your original interview invitation email and the interview will be canceled.

Congrats, good luck, and happy job hunting!πŸ€