Managing Applications - Statuses

by Derek Williamson

Congratulations, you've applied for a job through HigherMe! Now what?

We strive to ensure you always know where you stand with the employer and while we can't control everything, we do what we can to keep you updated. To view the status of your application(s), head over to your applications page:

  1. Click on your portrait in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select "My Applications"
  3. Tada!

From here you can see every application you've ever submitted along with their current status. So what do the different statuses mean?

  • Submitted - This means you application has been sent to the employer
  • Sorry, not selected - Unfortunately, you were not the right fit for this role
  • Contacted - You've been invited to interview! 
  • Interviewed - You've had your interview
  • Hired - CONGRATULATIONS! The employer should be reaching out with next steps.
  • Future Candidate - You might not be the right fit right now, but the employer wants to keep your application for consideration down the road. Congrats!

Now you know! Happy hunting :)