Your application status

by Irène

We aren't involved in hiring decisions, but we still strive to keep you informed! You will receive an email notification if you are rejected from a job or invited to interview. For other updates, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your Applications page.

You'll see a list of every application you've submitted so far, along with its current status:

  • Submitted – Done! Your application has been sent to the employer.
  • Sorry, not selected – Unfortunately, you were not the right fit for this role. Keep looking for that awesome new job!
  • Contacted – Typically, this means that the employer has sent you an invitation to interview. If you haven't gotten an invitation, the employer may have set this status manually. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates!
  • Interviewed – You've completed your interview. Fingers crossed! 🤞
  • Hired – Congrats! The employer should be reaching out about next steps soon.
  • Future Candidate – The employer is considering other applicants at this time, but they want to keep your application on file for future hiring.

Happy job hunting 🙂

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