Changing your Settings 🔄

by Irène

Getting too many notifications from HigherMe? Update your settings and preferences to allow you to be in control!

  1. Click on your portrait in the upper-right-hand corner

  2. Select Notifications 

  3. Adjust your settings as desired!



Email Notifications:

  • Daily Digest - Only available for 5 units or under. This daily digest is a high-level review of the last 24 hours

  • Application Notification - Receive an email every time a new application is submitted

  • Talent Pool Suggestion - Daily email with recommended candidates from Talent Pool

Text Notifications:

  • Application Notifications - Receive a text every time a new application is submitted

  • Interview Reminder - Receive a text with the application's profile 30 minutes before the scheduled interview time

  • Interview Scheduling Issues - Be notified of any issues with the scheduling of interviews

Reach out to with any questions about your settings or subscriptions!