Interview Scheduling: Overview

by Shelby Burke

So, you've found some great candidates and you're ready to interview them? Let's do this!

Before you can invite applicants to interview, you must first add some interview time slots. 

1. From your INTERVIEWS page, click on EDIT SCHEDULE. Screen_Shot_2022-06-09_at_10.32.12_AM.png

2. Make sure to select the location you are setting up times for. Choose the DATE and TIME RANGE and if this is repeating. When ready, ADD THIS RANGE to your current availability schedule. It's encouraged to create enough time slots to accommodate the schedules of all applicants. Include evening and weekend availability as well. Remember to save!


Now you can invite applicants to interview!

  1. From the APPLICATIONS page, click Interview next to the candidate that you want to meet.Screen_Shot_2022-06-10_at_2.07.26_PM.png
  2. This will prompt the Confirm Interview Details box where you can choose the format of the interview, as well if you are scheduling it for another manager, and write any additional notes. 


NOTE: Interviews default for in-person and populate the location of the store to where the applicant applied. If you choose the PHONE format for the interview, an email will be sent letting the applicant know the employer will call them. See what applicant emails look like.

  • Once you send the invite, the applicant will receive an email AND a text message inviting them to schedule an interview.
    • They will receive this email and text every 24 hours for the first 3 days. If the applicant does not select a time to interview after the first 3 days, they are sent an email and text message every 48 hours after that. There is no limit as to how long an applicant will receive these messages. 
    • Once they select a time, that time will automatically be removed from the options for other candidates, unless you checked the box to allow multiple applicants to attend the same interview time slot. 
  • You can find your applicant's invitation on your INTERVIEWS page under INVITED TO INTERVIEW. When they select a time, they will be moved to ACCEPTED INTERVIEWS.
    • If the applicant does not pick a time after a certain period of time of your choosing (as previously mentioned), you can CANCEL their invitation and they will no longer be able to select a time to interview. 
    • When the applicant selects a time, you can view their interview information under the ACCEPTED INTERVIEWS section. Only 24 hours before their interview will you actually be notified via email.
    • If you need to cancel the interview or reschedule with the applicant, you can CANCEL their interview under ACCEPTED INTERVIEWS which will prompt them to choose a new time, if available. 

HigherMe reminds candidates of the time and location the day before their interview and asks them to confirm their intent to attend. 

Email for interview time slot changes.