Interview Scheduling Overview

by Amelia Mehaffey

So, you found some great candidates and you're ready to interview them?


HigherMe's interview scheduling tool makes it quick and painless to set up your interviews. It's simple:

  1. From the Applicants Dashboard, click Interview next to the candidate that you want to meet.
    • You will be prompted to add the time(s) you are available for interviews at this point.
    • You can select multiple days, and multiple time ranges for each day.
    • The system will automatically divide this into 30-minute time slots for interviewees to choose from.
  2. Next, you'll see an overview of your availability and can choose whether you would like to host an In-Person or Phone interview
  3. Once you click Invite, an email and a text message are sent to the candidate, inviting them to select a time slot for an interview. 
  4. You will be notified when a candidate selects a time slot. That time will automatically be removed from the options for other candidates. 

Interview no-shows a problem? Not to worry, HigherMe also reminds candidates the day before their interview of the time and location for their interview, and asks them to confirm their intent to attend.

For a video walkthrough, visit Interview Scheduling Walkthrough

Tip: Add a personal message on the last step to increase your engagement rates with candidates! 

Note: If you would prefer longer than 30-minutes for your interview slots, please contact our Client Services team!