Video Cover Letters

by Amelia Mehaffey

Want to get to know your candidates before you even make a first phone call? It’s easy with our Video Cover Letter feature. 


This tool allows candidates to film themselves in a short introduction to you. You will be able to review the video along with the rest of their application. 

Note: This tool can be great for customer-facing roles like servers and hots, but may not be necessary for all roles. You can toggle this tool to make it optional, required, or even just completely off for each individual Job Template.

Here are some things to consider when deciding if this is right for your role:

  • Does the role require a certain type of personality? Sometimes it’s hard to spot that “spark” that you need for some roles based on a resume. Video Cover Letters let you see a candidate’s personality, not just their past jobs. 
  • Is this job one that is typically hard to hire for? If your role is already hard to find candidates for, then adding a Video Cover Letter might NOT be the best idea, as it adds extra friction to the application process. Consider turning this off for hard-to-hire jobs. 
  • Do you want to limit the number of candidates to a role? If you’re looking to review only candidates who are willing to go through a more rigorous application process, requiring this step is a good idea. You’ll get less candidates, but they will all be people who are interested enough in your role to complete this and other required steps.