Settings & Administration of HigherMe

by Chris White

Settings is found in the upper right hand corner under the profile photo. On mobile or smaller screens, this is a square with three lines like a menu. This is where employers can toggle their notification preferences and define what they want to be informed about.

There are two sets of notifications: Text and Email notifications.

Email Notifications

  • Daily Digest - Only available for under 5 units. High level review of last 24 hours
  • Application Notification - Email every time someone applies
  • Talent Pool Suggestion - Daily update on ideal Talent Pool candidates

Text Notifications:

  • Application Notifications - Receive a text every time someone applies


This can only be setup once in the settings menu. To change the registered phone number after that, go to your Profile to update.  

  • Interview Reminder - Receive a notification 30 minutes in advance of the interview
  • Interview scheduling Issues - Receive a notification for any scheduling issues.


Under Admin, the employer can review everyone who has access to their locations, when they last logged in, and issue password resets. They are also able to (depending on their access) add or remove Managers and edit their access.

On the left side, we have the search option to search by Manager or to bring up all managers with access to a specific location. The right side has the Add New Manager option, an export option to pull all managers, and the individual managers themselves.


Using the Action drop down, they can edit the Managers access or reset the passwords. There is also a delete option below.

They canโ€™t edit the names or email of a Manager themselves and will need to ask CS. They can only set-up new Managers and/or change location access. Once that is done, they can go to the next screen and select locations for the manager to have access to or to remove access to.

Managing your HigherMe Subscription

To make any changes to your HigherMe Subscription, please reach out to us. Please note that downgraded or cancelled subscriptions will take effect on the next billing cycle.