Boosting your jobs on Indeed

by Irène

Due to policy changes at Indeed, we are temporarily unable to offer Indeed boosting directly through HigherMe as of May 18 2023. Rest assured that your job posts are still being pushed to Indeed organically; however, you are no longer able to sponsor ("boost") job ad campaigns through your HigherMe Jobs page.

But good news! We are working on an exciting boost alternative through our partner, AppCast, that will distribute your boost budget across a large number of job boards including Indeed! 🥳 The boosting process will look similar but improved. We aim to make this available to clients before the end of May 2023.

In the meantime, you do have the option to boost your HigherMe jobs through your own Indeed account:

Connect your existing jobs

Before you can boost jobs on your own, you'll need to reach out to Indeed and ask them to connect your existing jobs from HigherMe's feed to your own Indeed account.

  1. Reach out to Indeed via their Contact us form (on Indeed, in the left-hand menu under Tools).
    • If you see a Client Success Rep listed there, feel free to contact them directly. If not, no worries! The form will connect you to someone who can help.
    • Here is a sample script that you can use:
Hi! I am [insert name here] from [insert company here]. We post our jobs through HigherMe (an ATS). Can you please connect our company's jobs from HigherMe's XML feed to our own Indeed account?

Our jobs can be found on HigherMe's feed under:

  • Source: [insert your company's brand name] – e.g., "Sonic"
  • Company name: [insert your company name as it appears on HigherMe] – e.g., "Sonic | ABC Management"

Thank you!

Your rep will be able to set it up so that you can see your HigherMe jobs listed right on your Indeed Jobs dashboard. 🎉

Create a campaign

Once your jobs are connected, you'll have two different ways to start a boost campaign directly from your Indeed account:

  • From their Jobs page: simply select the job you would like to boost and click Create campaign, or,
  • From their Campaigns page: use the Create campaign button at the top and set up a campaign from scratch.

Now you'll need to adjust your campaign preferences.

  1. Select the job(s) you would like to boost.
  2. Set your campaign objective, your campaign schedule and budget, and where you would like Indeed to share your jobs.
  3. Name your campaign as desired and you'll be good to go!

Campaign billing

With full control over your ad campaigns, you can choose how much to spend and how long to run your campaign for. Indeed will bill you directly through your Indeed Employer account.

Campaign insights

Want to know how your boost campaign performed? You now have access to an analytics dashboard on your Indeed Campaigns page. 📈

Any questions or concerns during this process? We're here to help! You can reach us as always at