Chick-fil-A Payroll Integration Setup Process ✅

by Shelby Burke

In order to set up your Chick-fil-A Payroll Integration, follow the steps below:


Chick-Fil-A Home Page

To begin the process, log into your Chick-Fil-A home page and click on REPORTS & TOOLS.

Vendor Bridge Authentication

Find the 'Vendor Bridge' tool and approve HigherMe as a preferred vendor. To finish the integration, you will be redirected to the HigherMe site (or manually head over to the HigherMe site to complete the setup).

HigherMe Setup
The CFA owner/operator admin must authenticate the account on HigherMe’s CFA partners page:

Location Setup
Once authenticated, click into LOCATIONS on the left side and ATTACH the store number.

Template Setup
Continue on to attaching the TEMPLATES. Operators should select the corresponding value from their payroll title to each template. 

Employees are attached ~20 minutes after they’ve been onboarded.

NOTE: Direct deposit is not part of the integration.

CFA Integration: The Setup Process from HigherMe on Vimeo.

Reach out to for further clarification!