by Shelby Burke

HigherMe partners with Checkr, a modern background check platform, to help you quickly and efficiently onboard applicants! With their consent, applicants' background checks will start processing while they finish their paperless onboarding! ✨

We offer Checkr to all clients who also use HigherMe’s paperless Onboarding feature.

To add Checkr to your account:

  • Navigate to the Partners dashboard. You must be signed in as the Company Admin to be able to activate the integration.
    • If you have an existing Checkr account you will be able to sign in with that same login info.
    • If you need a Checkr account select SET UP and you will be taken to a landing page to collect all your company information and create a new Checkr account. There is no setup cost for Checkr and you only pay for the background checks that you run.
    • Complete the setup process of creating a new Checkr account. You are required to enter payment information that can be changed at any time and before you run your first check.
  • You will see the default packages that will be automatically included in your account, these can be changed and customized as well by reaching out to
  • You will receive an email when Checkr has received your information. It can take up to 3 business days for your new account to be created. Once your account is ready you will receive an email and be given credentials to the Checkr integration. Head back over to the Partners dashboard and add your credentials.
  • Email to enable Checkr for you ✅
  • Your activation will be complete and you can now start ordering background checks from the HigherMe platform.

While preparing the onboarding information for your applicant, add your background check to your applicants onboarding profile. Once added, the applicant won’t be able to complete their onboarding without entering their information to start the background check process.



The applicant will receive an email and text message to start the onboarding process, from inside HigherMe they will be prompted to start the background check before they can move through onboarding.


Once the background check is completed, you will be able to see the status in the screenings column and click through to review the entire report in Checkr.


Only company admins can review and approve the background check of the applicant. However, you can add users to Checkr (by logging into Checkr) who will have access to be able to review and approve applicants if needed but they still need the proper permissions within HigherMe to approve an onboarding employee.

The applicant has only a few days to start and complete their check before it expires. If their link expires, employers can send a new link through the Checkr dashboard.


For more information on Checkr, Paperless Onboarding, or anything else, feel free to email✨