Guide to HigherMe Lite for A&W

by Irène

Welcome to HigherMe, the official provider of the A&W Careers page. 👋 Our all-in-one hiring software helps you bring on great employees and keep your restaurants staffed. We streamline the entire hiring process, from sourcing and screening tools to interviewing and onboarding new hires – and the best part is, we're focused on restaurant managers like you! This guide will help you get oriented so you can start posting jobs directly to the A&W Careers page and find your next great hire.

As independent employers, A&W Restaurant Owners are responsible for managing their employees in all respects and ensuring that their Restaurants are operated in accordance with applicable laws and their license agreements. The information in this guide is provided to A&W Restaurant Owners as a resource only, to assist them in hiring for their restaurants and meeting their obligations as employers. The use of the HigherMe platform and the guidelines provided in this guide are not mandatory, and Restaurant Owners should take into consideration the needs of their individual Restaurants before deciding to use the platform or adopting any of the guidelines provided here.

Program overview

Finding the right employees is a critical step in the successful operation of your Restaurant and one of the first steps in getting the right applicants. Thanks to corporate support from A&W, you can post customized jobs directly to the A&W Careers page via HigherMe – at no cost to you!

  • As a franchisee, you will have already received an email granting you access to HigherMe. Franchisees can provide Managers with their own logins as needed.
  • Your account comes pre-loaded with job templates for 5 key roles: Cook, Cashier, Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and Manager.
  • These jobs are not turned on automatically. Before you can receive applications, you you must activate your job postings so that they are visible on the A&W Careers page.
  • Before you activate your jobs, we encourage you to customize them to meet your hiring needs! ✍️ Learn how to edit and share jobs below.

Getting started

  1. Activate your HigherMe account from your welcome email.

  2. If you've already activated your account, visit and enter your email address and password.

  3. Easily toggle your language preferences under Language in the top right corner.

Post a job in 4 easy steps

To get started, hover over Admin in the top navigation bar and click on Jobs. You'll see a list of all the jobs you have access to here, organized by location. Click on a location's name to expand the list of jobs at that location!

Do you run multiple locations? Jobs can also be turned on and off on a location basis. Let's say you're hiring for a Server at one of your locations, but not all of them. You can turn "Cashier - Location A" on while leaving "Cashier - Location B" and "Cashier - Location C" inactive!

  1. On your Jobs page, you'll see a list of jobs in both English and French. Use the ON/OFF toggle next to each job to publish/unpublish it from the A&W Careers page based on your hiring needs.

Want to make changes to the pre-loaded job template?

  1. Click on the job you want to edit. You will be taken to a job editing page, where you can make changes to the job summary, requirements, job posting language, and more.

  2. Make any necessary changes and click Save.

  3. When your job posting is ready, toggle it ON on your Jobs page. ✅ It will be live on the A&W Careers page for 60 days.




💡 In addition to editing your pre-loaded jobs, you can add a job template for a new role entirely! Taking that extra step can be helpful if you have a specific role you need to fill, such as "Morning Cashier" or "Evening Cook." Learn more about customizing and adding templates here!
You are responsible to ensure that your posting meets all relevant legal requirements. For example, is an accessibility statement required in your province? Do you meet all French language law requirements? Have you ensured that your posting doesn’t ask any discriminatory questions or include any discriminatory qualifications? Please contact independent legal counsel in your province if you have any questions or concerns about the content of your job posting.

Reviewing applications

In your top navigation bar, hover over Hiring and click on Applications. Every new application you receive will appear on this page! This will be your dashboard for reviewing and managing applications.

  1. Click on an applicant's name to view their application.
  2. Their application contains information on their experience, education, language skills, certifications, and availability.
  3. The Answers tab shows their answers to any screening questions you have set up. This can help you make an informative decision about their fit for your open role!
  4. The Notes tab contains any notes you or another manager left on the application. This makes collaboration with other managers easy and helps show where the applicant is in your hiring process.
  5. When you're ready to invite the applicant to interview, look for their phone number and email address within their application (or in the list on your Applications page)!


Best practices for easy hiring

  • Set up a routine to review and update your job postings. Without renewal, your job postings will expire every 60 days (or earlier if you turn them off).
  • Review your job posting from an applicant's point of view. A strong job posting is exciting to job seekers. This is an opportunity to show off your Restaurant as a great place to work! Read over your posting and make sure that you clearly communicate all the benefits and perks of working at your restaurant!
  • Be specific. Provide detailed information where possible. The more a candidate knows about specific positions, shift needs, and job benefits, the better they can determine which jobs they're the best fit for!
  • Use a passive job posting to form a candidate pool. Even if you're not actively hiring, you can still share a generic job posting on the A&W Careers page. This helps you build a talent pool so that when you do need to hire quickly, you have a list of great candidates to start with. Just make sure you indicate that your job posting is not for an open position.
    • For example, "Our team does not currently have an opening, but we welcome you to apply if interested! That way we'll have your information on hand when we resume hiring." 

Getting in touch

Can't find what you're looking for in our Help Center or Resource Hub? Have a question about using a feature or setting up your account? Contact us! We're here to help. 🤝

You can contact our team via email at (7 days/week). We're also available via live chat and phone at 1-888-585-0842 (weekdays, 10am - 6pm ET). To start a chat or request a call back, click on the blue question mark icon in the bottom left of the HigherMe platform.

Once again, welcome to HigherMe. We're so glad to have you on board. 🧡 Happy hiring!